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Sending mail was never this easy.

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safe & fast

Creating and sending a newsletter easily, safely and super fast is child's play with the e-mailing manager. The e-mailing manager is set up specifically for you, so that you only have to enter the text. This makes sending a newsletter very attractive and does not take hours. There is of course no limit to the number of newsletters you can send.

custom design

tableaux makes the design for the newsletter, a so-called template, so that your newsletter always has a professional look. In addition, we also look at what is useful for you: do you want to leave multiple messages in your newsletter or just one? Do you want to link it to news messages on your website? Everything is achievable, with the aim of making sending newsletters as simple as possible for you!

online statistics

To measure is to know, so all statistics concerning your sent newsletter can be easily viewed and analyzed. When will the newsletter be opened, how often will it be opened and more. So that you can use that information again for the next newsletter.

"The e-mailing manager has given new life to our newsletter: it is now so easy to send a news message, which is also completely made up in our own recognizable house style.

The registrations and cancellations are also processed automatically, so we have nothing to worry about."

Sef Sweegers - Stichting Brabantsedag

"With één press the button send your news to thousands of imported mail addresses where you can easily manage the corresponding addresses.

Mutations, registering and deregistering in your own house style via your own site are very flexible."

Mathee van de Vin - Van de Vin ramen en kozijnen

Sending e-mails in a nice jacket.

With the e-mailing manager it is a piece of cake to prepare a newsletter. tableaux develops a template based on your wishes, completely in the look and feel of your company. This template ensures that the newsletter always has the professional look that you want and that the recipient immediately sees who the newsletter is from.

No more worries about a nice layout or how the newsletter arrives at the recipients: the e-mailing manager has been developed in such a way that the newsletter appears at the recipient as you have prepared it.

And you can create the newsletter at a time that suits you best, and then schedule the newsletter at the touch of a button.

Contacts as much as you want.

The e-mailing manager makes it very easy to manage your e-mailing file. The contacts can easily be entered or even imported. Of course as much as you want. If desired, the contact persons can be divided into groups, so that a choice can be made as to which group will be contacted with the newsletter to be sent.

View detailed statistics for every
email sent.


The e-mailing manager displays all the statistics required to determine how successful the newsletter was sent. After all ... Measuring is knowing. What percentage of recipients opened the newsletter and when did they do it?


The click behavior of the recipients is also measured: which link in the newsletter is clicked? It is easy to read in the extensive statistics. Information from the individual recipient is also available: when, where and in which browser is the newsletter open?

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